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What is A Poker Bonus?

Poker has been, for many, their original introduction to online gambling. Back in the early 2000’s before internet casinos or bookmakers had really found their footing, online poker was doing huge business.

Things may have calmed down somewhat since those boom days, but there are still plenty of online poker rooms allowing players to perfect their virtual poker-faces as they hit a gutshot flush. Each of these sites, of course, also has plenty of bonuses for us to track!

Anyone familiar with standard online casino bonuses will have little new to learn when it comes to poker bonuses. You’ll find all of the usual types along with the recognisable terms, but there a few factors to consider that are specific to poker.

For one thing, what type of poker interests you? Of course Texas Hold’em remains the most popular version of the game, but if you’re a Hi-Lo Omaha fan and the bonus isn’t eligible for those tables, it won’t be right for you.

Choosing A Poker Bonus

As we’ve already mentioned, poker is a bit of a catch-all term and under that one umbrella are housed many differing games and variations. Even beyond that, you have to think about how you like to play the game. Heads up or multi-seat tables? Easy going or turbo speed? Cash game or tourney? Each online poker room will have its own specialisms and, of course, their individual bonuses will reflect this.

CLaiming Your Poker Bonus


Find the Royal Flush Of Bonuses

This is probably the easiest step, as all you have to do is browse our list of the hottest online poker offers right now.


Understand the terms

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for an onlince casino, sportsbook or poker bonus; our advice remains the same. Get to grips with the terms and conditions of each bonus before claiming it.


Create An Account

The first part of meeting the poker bonus’ terms will almost certainly be to create a new account with the poker site.


Unlock Your Bonus

You’ve got your new account, now all you have to do is make sure your first deposit meets the minimum threshold and, if applicable, add the bonus code.

Finding The Right Poker Room Online

Variety of games. At some point you’re going to want to mix it up and try something other than yet another hand of Hold’em.

Safe & Reliable. We Will only ever feature a poker room’s bonus here if they are licensed and legit.

Fair terms and conditions. The Bonus means nothing if the terms are too restrictive.

Types Of Poker Bonuses

There are almost as many types of poker bonuses as there are types of poker you can play. If you’re struggling to get beyond the jargon, let explain.

Deposit MAtch Bonus

The standard format of a poker bonus; this is where the poker room tops up your first deposit by a certain percentage.


For example, if they are offering 100% Up To €100, if you were to deposit €100, they would add €100 on top as your bonus.

No Deposit Bonus

A sought after type of poker bonus is the No Deposit Bonus. If you find one of these, it means the online poker site will reward you with a bonus before you have made your first deposit. All you need to do is simply sign up.

Tournament Tickets

A type of bonus exclusive to poker, are tournament tickets. Many poker sites offer entry into their tournaments, many of which then include entry into WPT main events for the lucky winner. This type of poker bonus can also be called “freeroll”.

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