Your Ultimate Guide to Rocket League Gambling

Few esports are as easy to get into as Rocket League.

Released in the middle of 2015 by Psyonix, this title takes the conventional concept of soccer and turns it up to eleven by letting all players drive rocket-powered cars. This idea sounds simple on paper, but when you factor in the tactical maneuvers, clutch trick shots, well-timed passes, and thrilling aerial battles, every Rocket League match turns into a complex battle of skill and strategy.
Another thing to note about this game is its fans. Rocket League may not have the following of major esports like League of Legends, Overwatch, or CSGO, but what it lacks in numbers, it makes up in passion. It’s hard to find a more invested fan base, and Rocket League players spend hundreds (if not thousands) of hours watching competitive matches, emulating professional gameplay, and practicing the moves they caught on Twitch streams.
With that, it’s not exactly surprising that many fans are also invested in Rocket League gambling. Few things are as exciting as cheering for your favorite teams and players when there’s actual money on the line. Of course, Rocket League isn’t the most prominent esport, so it can be challenging to find markets for this title. Fortunately, our experts have already highlighted the best Rocket League betting sites, welcome bonuses, and esports tournaments to help you get in on this action!

Your Top 4 Rocket League Betting Sites

We’ve alluded to this before, but Rocket League isn’t a mainstream esport. Now, this isn’t a huge deal if you’re just there to play the game, partake in Rocket League trading, and follow competitive matches on the side, but it can be a problem if you want to gamble. Don’t fret, though, because we have the perfect solution to this problem in the shape of 4 great Rocket League betting sites!

1. Pinnacle

Usually, Pinnacle is a hit-or-miss option. This bookie has some of the best odds in the esports gambling industry, but this advantage is often undermined by the lack of market variety, welcome bonuses, and live betting options. However, most bookmakers don’t offer anything other than simple match winner wagers for betting on Rocket League, making the market variety point all but moot. So if you’re willing to trade live betting and welcome bonuses for favorable odds, Pinnacle is a great site for you.

3. Unikrn

Unirk has a different take on the whole Rocket League gambling thing. This bookmaker has a solid betting offer and a lucrative 50% deposit bonus that goes all the way up to $150. However, its main selling point is crypto integration. Every Unirkn customer can stock up on the local Unikoin crypto tokens that can be used for betting on Rocket League matches, participating in on-site promotions, buying in-game items, and even getting real-life goodies like smartphones and video cards. Combine that with the fact that you can get said tokens by playing a couple of Rocket League games per day, and that’s a value proposition that’s very hard to pass up.

Unikrn Esports Bonus

4. Betway

Betway is the jack of all trades. Not only does this site greet its customers with a risk-free bet up to $30, but it sets them up with fair odds and wide Rocket League coverage. The responsive customer service and intuitive user interface are the icing on top of the metaphorical cake, and it’s clear that Betway put a lot of effort into making your gambling experience as seamless as possible. But wait, there’s more! Betway is renowned for its generous in-play offers, so you should have no issues live betting on Rocket League matches at this platform.

Top Rocket League Tournaments To Bet On

Alright, so you’ve registered at one of the abovementioned Rocket League betting sites and made your way to the betting markets. Now what? The simple answer is that you need to pick a tournament to bet on! That’s something easier said than done, though, as the scene is vast. And if you want to kick-start your Rocket League gambling career it’s important to know which events are worth your time.


Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS)


That’s right, we’re bringing out the big guns! The Rocket League Championship Series (otherwise known as the RLCS) is the premier tournament organized by Psyonix, ELEAGUE, and Gfinity Esports Australia. It starts with the strongest Rocket League players from Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America fighting each other in their own region-locked competitions.
Only the best of the best make it through this gauntlet, but they’re rewarded with an opportunity to represent their region at the RLCS World Championship. By the end, winners get a huge chunk of the $500,000 prize pool as well as the fame and glory that come with being the #1 team in the world—and if that’s not the perfect stage for high-stakes gambling, we don’t know what is!


Rocket League Rival Series (RLRS)


The Rocket League Rival Series (otherwise known as the RLRS) is the secondary division of the Rocket League Championship Series. Much like its cousin, the RLRS is split into four different regions, however, instead of qualifying for the World Championship, the best teams are invited to the Promotion Playoffs. There, they get to fight the worst-performing Championship Series lineups to decide which teams will participate in the next RLCS season. This turns the RLRS into proving grounds for the rising stars and talented up-and-comers from all over the world, and even though this competition isn’t as prominent, it certainly offers plenty of opportunities for Rocket League betting.


Third-Party Tournaments


We’ll be the first ones to admit: this is a pretty broad category. While most premier events are conducted by the game’s publisher and its official partners, plenty of tournaments are managed by third-party organizers. Most of these don’t deserve your time, as their prize pools rarely—if ever—go over quadruple digits. However, make sure to check the Rocket League Reddit for major events like the Renegade Cup, Throwdown Esports, or DreamHack Pro Circuit.

Practical Rocket League Gambling Tips

Let’s get this straight: betting on Rocket League matches isn’t the same as gambling on other esports. For starters, you’ll only encounter match winner bets on the vast majority of bookmakers, so you won’t be able to get any edges from market selection. Another thing to note is that Rocket League isn’t a mainstream esport, so it will be harder to find relevant streams for in-play betting. With that, it’s more important than ever that you hone your gambling game and refine your fundamentals to set yourself up with the best chances of winning your wagers.

The best starting point is information gathering. “Knowledge is power” isn’t just a corny quote parroted by everyone looking to make vague pseudo-intellectual points. And getting as much information as possible can very well separate the good Rocket League bets from the bad ones.

Now, there are several ways of achieving this goal. Even something as simple as reading the Psyonix forums or visiting the Rocket League Reddit will give you a good idea of where the community stands on specific teams, players, and matchups. However, we much prefer the calculated approach of analyzing stat, news, and power rankings at esports-focused platforms like

Still, knowledge is nothing without self-reflection—and no, we’re not talking about reconsidering your life choices after a particularly horrid session of Rocket League trading. What we are talking about is reviewing your bets. Go back to your previous wagers and look at them from an analytical viewpoint. Were your bets justified? Did you make logical calls or did your emotions get the better of you? And did you do enough research or did you simply approve your betting slip?

In the end, Rocket League gambling is a journey. Success won’t come to you quickly, and you need a solid combination of skill, patience, and game knowledge to be a winning player in the long-term. But as long as you put in the hours, there will come a time when your efforts bear fruit.

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