How to Pick the Best Esports Gambling Bonus in Canada

Esports Gambling Bonus in Canada

Few things are as exciting as gambling on esports matches. According to Statista, the total amount of money wagered on video game competitions worldwide will reach $23.5 billion by the end of 2020—and Canada is set to be a huge part of this trend. Its proximity to the United States of America puts Canada in a unique position where it’s within arm’s reach of one of the largest gaming hubs in the world, yet it’s not weighed down by the strict gambling laws of its neighbor.
That’s right, esports online gambling is completely legal in Canada! If you’re a Canadian resident, you’ll have no issues finding markets for popular titles like Overwatch and League of Legends. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to jump into betting headlong. As exciting as the prospect of wagering on your favorite teams, players, and personalities can be, you can make a lot of mistakes if you don’t try to mitigate risks in advance.

This is where an esports gambling bonus comes in.

A good bonus can give a noticeable boost to your winnings while reducing your risks to a minimum. However, a bad bonus can impose rigid wagering requirements and force you to take chances on highly volatile markets. So, how do you tell the former from the latter? One way of achieving this is to go through all the notable bookmakers and compare their promotions by hand, but that can take hours (if not days) of your time.
Fortunately, our experts have already done the grunt work and compiled all top esports gambling bonuses into a handy list below. And the best part? It will only take 10 minutes to read!

Betway’s Free Bet Esports Offer

Betway has always been at the forefront of esports betting. Founded all the way back in 2006, this site was one of the first bookmakers to release offers for CSGO, StarCraft 2, and League of Legends. In fact, Betway is renowned for its esports coverage and betting market diversity, so you’ll have an easy time finding lucrative opportunities on this platform. Throw in responsive customer service and a license from the Malta Gaming Authority, and it’s easy to see why Betway became the go-to operator for rookie bettors and veteran punters alike.

Okay, but what about its welcome bonus? Betway greets its customers with a free bet esports offer that goes up to $30 (based on the initial deposit). With that, you can place a wager for $30 or lower, and if your bet falls through, you won’t actually lose any money! This makes Betway’s welcome bonus perfect for anyone that wants to get a quick boost to their winnings. It’s also an excellent choice for rookie bettors that want to learn the ropes without risking their actual bankroll.

Another thing to note about this promotion is that it’s a no-strings-attached type of deal. That is, Betway’s welcome bonus has zero rollover requirements, and the only limitation imposed on you by the operator is that you have to be gambling on esports matches with odds of 1.75 or higher. This is on the lower end of the industry standard, though, so we’d still consider Betway’s offer a pretty good deal. Oh, and keep in mind that your risk-free bet will expire 7 days after your initial deposit, so make sure to put it to use before then.’s Double Free Bet Esports Offers is a relative newcomer to the world of gambling, yet it’s already managed to put established bookmakers on the back foot. Founded in 2018, this operator started out as an esports-focused platform, and while it branched out to traditional sports, it still takes pride in its gaming roots. Hence, you will see varied offers for major titles like CSGO and League of Legends as well as less popular games like PUBG and Rocket League. The license from the Malta Gaming Authority acts as the icing on top of the metaphorical cake, and you can be sure that your funds will be safe and secure on this platform.

The welcome bonus here is a free bet esports offer just like at Betway. Unlike Betway, though, grants you not one, but two risk-free wagers up to $13.37 each. If you’ve done your elementary school math, it’s easy to figure out that the total amount is still lower than Betway’s, but the fact that you have two free bets at your arsenal disposal you can get much more creative with your market selection. This is especially true for beginners that want to experiment with different betting offers.

The 1x rollover requirements mean that you will have to turn over your esports gambling bonus net winnings once at odds of 1.70 or higher before they turn into real money. That should be an easy feat to manage, though, so it’s unlikely that requirements will pose an actual problem. Furthermore, your risk-free bets will expire 30 days after registration, so it’s best to use before that deadline.

ArcaneBet’s Deposit Bonus - Esports Canada

ArcaneBet is another esports-focused platform that’s taken the betting world by storm. Founded in 2016, it made a name for itself with a combination of competitive odds, vast betting markets, and varied live gambling options. With that, you will frequently run into generous offers for CSGO, Overwatch, Rocket League, and other competitive titles on this platform. Moreover, this bookmaker is licensed and regulated by the Government of Curacao, so there’s an extra sense of security when you’re gambling on esports matches at ArcaneBet.

Yet, the one thing that makes this operator stand out from the rest is its welcome bonus. ArcaneBet’s promotion is a 100% deposit bonus that goes all the way up to $100. In short, you can double your bankroll as long as you enter the ‘100ARCANE’ promo code and deposit up to $100 on your gambling account. This is an excellent offer for anyone that’s looking to make profit in the long term, as nothing quite beats extra money in terms of pure value. All bets with odds of 1.60 or higher will qualify for the rollover, so you won’t need to take unnecessary risks to redeem your bonus.

It’s worth noting that the rollover requirements are set at 20x. This is pretty stiff by the industry standard, which can be off-putting to beginners and recreational bettors. But when you consider that ArcaneBet gives you 180 days to meet these requirements, you should have plenty of time to redeem your esports gambling bonus.


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Rivalry’s Bonus Program - Esports Canada

Rivalry has a different take on esports betting. Founded in 2018, this bookmaker strives to make the process of placing wagers on competitive video games as seamless as possible. That is, Rivalry puts an emphasis on fair odds, simple markets, intuitive interface, and a fluid live betting section. Rivalry also has a dedicated academy section that does an amazing job of walking newcomers through the ins and outs of esports betting. Combine that with the license from the Isle of Man Gambling Commission, and Rivalry has all the defining traits of a top-tier esports online gambling provider.

Alright, but is Rivalry’s welcome bonus up to its own standard? The short answer is yes. Rivalry gives new customers a risk-free bet up to $25. This is a solid bonus in and of itself, bu the fact that it doesn’t come with any wagering requirements means you’re free to use it as you see fit.

But wait, there’s more! Rivalry has an extensive VIP Club loyalty program that can amount up to a whopping $350 in extra value! You won’t get the entire amount outright, but there are no extra requirements or hidden conditions here, and all you need to do is complete a set of VIP quests and missions to unlock your reward.

Final Word on Esports Gambling Bonus Offers

There’s no denying that a welcome bonus can become a great tool in your arsenal. However, it’s the way you apply it that will truly decide what it’s worth. Risk-free bets won’t amount to much if just throw them out without thinking, and deposit bonuses will run dry if you go on a prolonged losing streak. In the end, gambling on esports is all about patience, research, and game knowledge. And it’s only when you master these aspects of the betting game that you will be able to make the most out of your welcome bonuses.

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