Esports Betting Canada – Your 2020 Guide to Top Sites and Welcome Bonuses

Esports Canada – Overview

Canada has always been a great place for esports. Much like their US neighbors, Canadian players have access to some of the largest tournaments in the world, and the likes of Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn (StarCraft 2), Mike “Shroud” Grzesiek (CS:GO), and Lane “Surefour” Roberts (Overwatch) have already established their home country as a gaming powerhouse. Unlike the US, though, Canada doesn’t restrict its citizens with rigid rules and gambling legislation, making it the perfect place for online esports betting.

Indeed, if you live in Canada and want to bet on CS:GO, Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket League, StarCraft 2, or even PUBG matches, you’ll have a multitude of gambling providers at your disposal. Their numbers are, in fact, so large that they get overwhelming, and the question of finding a good esports betting Canada operator becomes more important than ever before.

Tackling this task on your own can be daunting.

Fortunately, our experts have already done all the grunt work! We’ve analyzed dozens and dozens of bookmakers to find the best operators for Canadian customers. The result? Three esports betting sites that will set you up for long-term success with their solid welcome bonuses, flexible payment methods, and well-rounded betting offers.

We’ve also made a brief overview of the most popular competitive games in Canada and compiled a list of practical esports betting tips to help you kick-start a successful gambling career. Without further ado, let’s get to it!

Top 3 Esports Betting Sites in Canada

Every gambling journey begins with a betting site. In the past, gaming fans only had a handful of operators to choose from, but if you’re interested in esports betting Canada now, the world is your oyster. The market is huge, and it’s easy to spend tens (if not hundreds) of hours in a never-ending hunt for greener pastures. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve already narrowed this search down to the top 3 esports betting sites for Canadian customers!

1. ArcaneBet

ArcaneBet is the new kid on the block. This online esports betting site was founded in 2016, but it’s already put some of the most established bookmakers in the world to a test. Not only does ArcaneBet greet its customers with a compelling 100% deposit bonus up to $100, but it reinforces this welcome offer with wide esports coverage and vast betting markets. Combine that with great odds and excellent live betting opportunities, and it’s not exactly surprising why thousands of gamblers from all over the globe chose ArcaneBet as their go-to gambling platform.

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2. Rivalry

Rivalry is a perfect esports betting site for beginners and rookie gamblers. For starters, the welcome bonus here is a risk-free bet up to $25. This is a no-strings-attached type of deal, so you can jump right into the action without being afraid of losing your money. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a fun rewards system that can give you up to $350 in bonuses for completing exciting quests and interesting missions. Rivalry also does a good job of streamlining the betting process, so you won’t get bogged down by confusing markets and unnecessary details. Throw in a good selection of educational resources and a top-tier live betting section, and you will be hard-pressed to find a better starting point than Rivalry.

3. Unikrn

Unikrn puts a different spin on esports betting. Granted, there’s nothing stopping you from approaching it like a regular betting operator, and you will find fair odds, varied markets, and a solid welcome bonus (50% up to $150) on this platform. But the main thing that stands out about Unikrn is crypto. Every Unikrn customer can download the Vault App and start collecting Unikoin Silver and Unikoin Gold crypto tokens entirely free of charge. These tokens can then be used to bet on esports matches, purchase in-game skins, enroll in on-site promotions, or get other goodies like event passes and computer parts. It goes without saying that you can extract a lot of value out of this, so Unikrn is a great fit for anyone that wants to add another dimension to their gambling strategy.

Unikrn Esports Bonus

Best Payment Methods for Esports Betting Canada

Alright, now that we’ve walked you through the best esports betting Canada sites, how do you actually start wagering? The first thing you need to do is get some money on your gambling account. There are multiple ways of achieving this, but most of them can be divided into three categories: credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and cryptocurrencies. Let’s take a look at these categories to find out which payment methods suit you best!

Credit and Debit Cards

These are the Visas and MasterCards of the world. The great thing about credit and debit cards is that they’re almost universally accepted. With that, you can jump into the betting action as soon as your transaction is processed, which usually doesn’t take longer than a minute.
So, what are the downsides? Despite the fact that most esports betting sites use encryption protocols and other security measures to protect customer data, it still feels a bit weird to share your credit card information with third-party platforms. On top of that, credit and debit cards are tied to your identity, so you won’t be able to place anonymous wagers.


The other option you have is e-wallets. Payment methods like Skrill, Neteller, and PayPal are quite popular in the online esports betting crowd. Sure, they’re not exactly anonymous, but they still add another layer of protection to your credit card information. Combine that with the fact that pretty much every bookmaker is willing to work with at least a couple of e-wallets, and this is a fairly reliable payment option.
The flip side is that deposits can take some time to get processed. There’s also a decent chance to run into annoying transaction fees, so make sure to read the small print and double check all the details before making your first deposit with an e-wallet.


A few years ago, betting on esports matches with cryptocurrencies was almost unheard of. Times change, though, and many operators have already adopted crypto as one of their primary deposit methods. This payment option is completely anonymous, making it a great fit for bettors that want to protect their personal information or bypass rigid country restrictions.
However, crypto transactions can take a while to process. There’s also the fact that the only widely accepted cryptocurrency is Bitcoin, so you will have a much harder time depositing funds with Ethereum or Litecoin. Finally, many betting sites will let you make a Bitcoin deposit only to force you to verify your identity when you make a withdrawal request. This completely negates any futther attempts to remain anonymous, so try to find out whether your esports betting Canada site requires identity verification in advance.

Which Esports Games Should You Bet On?

Okay, you’ve decided on your betting site and payment method. Where do you go from here? The obvious answer is to the actual games! Usually, you want to put yourself in position to make the best decisions possible, meaning that you need to have a solid grasp of the game’s mechanics and what it means to play this game on a high level.

Still, don’t be discouraged if you don’t fit these criteria. Online esports betting is a learning experience, and you can always start by getting familiar with some of the most popular competitive titles in Canada.

Here’s a brief rundown:

1. CS:GO

It is one of the few esports that withstood the test of time. The concept is simple: two teams of five – Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists – fight each other in an effort to plant (or defuse) the bomb or kill the entire enemy team. Yet, when you mix in exciting gunplay, complex setups, and rapid flick shots you get a stunning blend of action and suspense.

2. Overwatch

It is also a first-person shooter, but it’s a very different beast to CS:GO. For starters, each team has six players instead of five. Moreover, every player can pick a hero with unique weapons, traits, and abilities that turn Overwatch matches into thrilling displays of tactics, mechanics, and split-second decision-making.

3. League of Legends

It is the most popular competitive game in the world. If you’ve ever been to the esports betting Reddit, you’ve likely found at least a couple of threads discussing this multiplayer battle arena title. Once again, two teams compete with the straightforward goal of destroying the enemy Nexus, but the sheer number of ways to achieve this goal and express your skill in the process turns every LoL esports match into an experience unlike any other.

4. Rocket League

It is pretty much soccer. Except the ball is huge. And you’re playing with cars! The concept might sound like something out of the left field, but once you witness the clutch saves, spectacular trick shots, and stirring mid-air battles, you’ll forget about the ridiculous premise and jump right on the wild Rocket League ride.

5. StarCraft 2

It is like chess on steroids. Each player assumes the role of a commanding officer that directs one of three races—Zerg, Terran, or Protoss—on a battlefield. The catch is that all decisions are made in real-time, so StarCraft 2 matches quickly turn into fierce contests of wits and dexterity.


It is a battle royale title. Up to one hundred players parachute onto a small island to scavenge for weapons, search for equipment and engage in an all-out deathmatch. Only one team (or one player) will remain standing, and skill and strategy will both play a huge role in this struggle for survival.

Esports Betting Tips And Tricks

Everyone wants to be a winning player. Unfortunately, even if you know what sites to use and which games to bet on, this knowledge alone won’t be enough to put you in the black. With that in mind, here are some practical tips and tricks that will push your gambling game to the next level.

First, do your research. Every esports match has a ton of variables ranging from something as simple as player skill to something as complex as team identities, and if you want to be a profitable bettor, you need to get familiar with these. Watch recent VODs, evaluate player strengths and weaknesses, look for patterns in teams’ playstyles and analyze how they fit in the global meta. The more information you have, the better decisions you’ll make—and this equally applies to huge tournaments like the League of Legends World Championship and smaller events like the Canada Esports League.

Second, get outside opinions. No competitive scene exists in a vacuum, and there’s a constant stream of discussions, predictions, and match breakdowns surrounding it. Make full use of this data. Ideally, you want to find trustworthy experts that know what they’re talking about, but even something as simple as reading fan opinions on an esports betting Reddit can give you a good idea of what the community thinks of particular players and matchups.

Third, stock up on patience. If you’re at the very beginning of your gambling career, you won’t become a winning player overnight. Learning is a process. It will take time before you can analyze esports matches and navigate betting  markets on a high level, but once you put in the hours, the results will definitely follow.

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