What is Apple Pay? Which casinos take Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is one of the most exciting payment brands around. The innovative digital wallet allows you to safely and quickly make deposits at a wide range of Apple Pay casinos and we are going to show you how it works. Ever since Apple launched the Apple Pay app just a handful of years ago, it gave iPhone and iPad users a simple and safe way to pay for goods in the online domain and in real-life. But we want to see how easy it is to use this payment method at an Apple Pay online casino or the various sportsbooks, and so keep reading to see our guide to using casinos with Apple Pay. Apple launched Apple Pay in 2014 with the premise that it would allow you to make payments without having to use standard payment methods like a credit card. As a result, its users could simply use their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac computer to pay for goods. This is possible because most of these devices are equipped with ultra-secure TouchID or FaceID features. Rather than having to enter any card details, you can let the device scan your fingerprint and then your payment will be authorised. Putting funds in your Apple Pay account is also very simple. Just use a standard Visa card to top up your account balance, and then you never need to get your card out to carry out the financial transaction. So for safe, easy and fast online payments, Apple Pay is hard to beat.   william hill casino bonus image

Benefits of using Apple Pay online casinos

There are many good reasons as to why the current crop of online casinos with Apple Pay have been keen to implement this revolutionary payment technology. Here are just some of the advantages of using Apple Pay.

1) No need to enter sensitive financial information

The best reason to go to an Apple Pay casino is the fact that you won’t have to give the site any of your sensitive financial details. Rather than entering any credit card details or bank account numbers, you can simply authorise your payment through the Apple Pay app. Plus there is little chance that anybody would be able to fool FaceID or TouchID into opening up your account.

2) So quick to deposit at Apple Pay casinos

If you’ve ever tried making a bank transfer deposit at a casino site, then you will know that it can take days to process. But by using an Apple Pay online casino, you should be able to instantly see the deposit show up in your account. Just at the push of a button or the scan of your face, you can now enjoy getting into the casino gaming action much quicker.

3) No need to divulge personal information

Signing up to a Apple Pay casino will usually mean that you have to enter your name, email and so on in order to create your account. But once you have done that, then that should be the last time that you have to use any personal data when you are at an Apple Pay online casino. This is because all transactions can be carried out without any personal details being exposed.

Keep your casino gaming secret

Online casinos with Apple Pay also offer you the benefit of being able to carry out your gaming without being snooped on. This is because there will be no record of what you spent your money on in your transaction history. In addition to this, no personal details will be given to the merchant if you make a payment at any Apple Pay online casinos.

What are the drawbacks of using casinos with ApplePay?

Apple Pay offers its users plenty of obvious benefits. But it’s also true that there are a few disadvantages of signing up to any online casinos with Apple Pay.

Limited withdrawal options at Apple Pay casinos

Unfortunately, it looks like using this payment method at an Apple Pay online casino site will mean that you might not be able to make withdrawals. This is because Apple Pay is usually only set up to make payments, not the other way around. Thankfully, you should still be able to make a withdrawal to an alternative payment method at most decent Apple Pay online casinos.

Issues with device compatibility

Whilst Apple Pay is set up to work wonderfully with the current generation of iPhones and iPads, it doesn’t necessarily work with the older generation of Apple products. If you have an iPhone 5, then you probably won’t enjoy the benefits of the current range of Apple Pay casinos. And obviously, Android, Windows or BlackBerry users also won’t be able to use this payment method.

Relative lack of online casinos with Apple Pay

Although there’s a pretty good range of Apple Pay online casinos out there, it might be the case that your preferred gaming site might not yet take this payment method. However, the number of online casinos with Apple Pay is growing all of the time, so you just might have to cope with a limited number of gaming providers if you are determined to use an Apple Pay online casino.

Some of the best casinos with Apple Pay

We’ve been impressed with the variety of casinos with Apple Pay currently out there. All of the following Apple Pay casino sites should be able to take this payment method, and they all have their own pros and cons. So be sure to check out some of these great casinos with Apple Pay.

Give 888Casino a try

This Gibraltar-based casino have become a real favourite with gamers over the past few years. Not only does 888casino feature an eye-watering selection of top class slots and table games, but they also have recently become an Apple Pay casino. Now you can join the fun at 888casino just by making a simple £20 deposit with your Apple Pay account and realise why this is one of the most forward thinking Apple Pay casino gaming sites around.

888casino bonus image

Try out the ComeOn casino

But which Apple Pay casino has the lowest minimum deposit limits around? We have been hugely impressed with the way that ComeOn allow you to make Apple Pay deposits from as little as £8 at a time. What’s truly great is that this online casino even take high rollers into account by allowing them to make Apple Pay deposits of anywhere up to £2,600 at a time. Plus it goes without saying that all Apple Pay deposits at ComeOn will be carried out instantly and they won’t incur any irritating fees.

See what Casino Club have to offer

As an alternative, it could be worth checking out Casino Club’s Apple Pay service. As this gaming site has German origins, you might find that only customers from that country can make Apple Pay payments. But if you meet those requirements, then you should be able to enjoy ultra-fast, extremely safe and very convenient Apple Pay deposits at this site. apple pay casino